Regardez: On King Street...Gentleman of Leisure

Walking near King Street I happened upon this young fellow. At a glance from 30ft away he seemed to be wearing the uniform of any gentleman of leisure, crisp white oxford shirt, straight legged jeans and a bow tie.On closer inspection I found that his oxford, was a pale camel seersucker and that bow tie, was printed with a delicate filigreed floral. This mixture of traditionally masculine and feminine elements instantly give a modern feel to a look that otherwise  could be quite boring. My current obcession is Clarks Desert Boots in every variation, I love the ease that they instantly bring to any look. I remember back when I was in high school if you got a fresh pair of Jordans it was imperative not to take the tags off. So if you take a look you will notice that on his left boot the tag has not been removed. Its a very small gesture but he is subtly letting us know that these are super fresh,like straight out of the box and on my feet fresh. I really enjoy seeing a slightly hip hop or shall I say relaxed take on traditional southern dress.

Oh and speaking of oxford shirts, I cant wait to see what the CFW Emerging Designer Finalist have come up with for the Finale.This challenge is an homage to the late Alexander Mcqueen. The finalist are Barbara Beach, Larika Page, and Jamie Lin Snider. Goodluck ladies and I will see you on the runway.

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