Halloween Costume Couture

Ok ,So Halloween is literally hours away and if your anything like me then you have not even began to entertain the idea of what you will be wearing to that party or while you go Trick-or-Treating with the kiddies. But don't you fear I am hear to give you a few ideas to have the greatest costume for little to no cost.

A few days ago I did a post about the Viktor & Rolf show and it prompted me to go back an view all the archived shows. The one that stuck with me was the Fall 2005 collection that was inspired by the phrase "I Love You" and the place that we think of as a loving place is the bed. Model Lily Cole, for one, appeared on set with her red hair splayed out on a pristine, lace-edged cotton pillow and a neatly folded-over sheet inserted into the neck of her coat. She led a troupe of fellow sleep-deprived models, all in V & R's surprisingly chic renderings of bedclothes: shirts that were part sheets, with all the eyelet trims and frills intact; comforting duvet coats with huge wolf-trimmed collars; suits fashioned from quilts; and charmeuse boudoir sheets wrapped into evening dresses. So as for a last minute costume idea why not bring your bed to the party.

Jeremy Scott's Fall 2008 collection called "Opulence" took all the staples of better living and interperated them into arguably wearable looks. I sure most people will look at these an only see costumes but the original purpose of these looks is red carpet glamour. I think the gown that resembles a velvet curtain is most easy to replicate.

Finally if you are really at a loss as to what to be Yesterday's episode of "Its on with Alexa Chung" presented a myriad of ideas my favorite being the Bubble Gum on the bottom of a shoe. This all pink look could be done using items you already own or purchased in a quick trip to American Apperal. Take a head band an hot glue an old shoe to it an plop it on you head to complete the look.

Rachel Antonoff's Costume Creations: "Designer Rachel Antonoff presents her easy-to-make (but awesome!) Halloween costume creations."

Hope this helps Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!


Regardez:Lego Kitchen

After the astonishing idea of the house Lego House, here a kitchen covered by more than 20,000 parts of Lego. An installation carried out by the studio of design Munchausen (Simon Plundering and Philippe Rosetti). I find this to be so whimsical yet modern and somehow quite minimalistic. I wonder if the counter tops are covered with eco-resin, that would make it extremely pragmatic.

Regardez:Lego does Tian'anmen Square

The famous photo of a student who halted a line of advancing tanks on June 4th, 1989 for around half an hour in Tian'anmen Square, Beijing. Between 40,000,000 and 70,000,000 people were killed during the communist revolution in China (and subsequent population purges to get rid of "undesirable elements."). Lego is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and they are using this milestone to make a new generation aware of this and other historic events. Personally I think this is a genius advertising strategy. What is your opinion?


Roisin Murphy at Viktor&Rolf

Paris fashion week has long since passed but I still find myself humming the tune that Roisin Murphy debuted at the Viktor&Rolf presentation. Perched on a pedestal in back of the runway Roisin rocked the seasons butchered tulle look which perfectly hide her very pregnant shape. She opened the show with "Royal T" and midway through sang "Demon Lover",as the girls came out for a final walk she sang a remixed version of the first song. As for the clothes

"With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns," Snoeren said.The gowns he was talking about came at the end of the show. The skirt of a crystal bustier dress was a solid mass of net ruffles, except for the place where a hole had been tunneled front to back and where the edges were chopped away. Another frock was sliced in half with a good six inches between the top and a bottom that seemed to defy gravity. Truly fabulous both in conception and execution. My personal favorite was the finally gown it was chopped diagonally the tulle a supple and delicate material was made hard and aggressive. These clothes have a museum quality they just scream look at me dissect me, just try and figure me out. Viktor&Rolf have always delivered when it came to concept but as far as desirability this collection is on the money.


Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects: Architecture

The Seattle-based Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects realised this stunning residence and studio/workshop for making and displaying art. Set in the remote and harsh high desert landscape of Idaho, the complex received this important aspect – a protected “paradise garden” which is separated from the wild landscape by thick concrete walls. It makes the perfect setting for blocking out all the noises an distractions that plague our daily lives. The concrete places the artiface of man amidst the grandeur of nature.I would also like to congratulate Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects on there National AIA Firm Award. They will be defineatly be receiving a e-mail from me there work is fantastic.


Regardez:Righchus Renaissance and Fletcher 3

Trey Williams, more commonly known as Fletcher 3 was the star component of last Fridays Righchus Renaissance. The event included some very well delivered poetry, as well as an amazing performance by local rapper. Righchus (Matthew Bostick), who’s lyrics highlighted the perspective of a well adjusted young black male. His lyrics where well received by a sightly inebriated audience but somehow are still stuck in my head. The Brown Derby Haberdashery provided patrons with screenprinted assortments. I personally got an oversized tank done that I can’t wait to wear on my next holiday. Dalia Dalili, darling of the streetwear social scene and an up and coming designer! Dalili showed a collection of Mock Couture, a playful line of hand made accessories, that are inspired by the current 80's revival that was in full force all over the spring and fall runways. Dalili's designs are right on trend with pendant characters that replicate that of your favorite blast from the past arcade games, icons and memorabilia! The collection truly captures the Joie de Vivre that we associate with a bygone era. The entire collections is very affordable with prices ranging from $10-$25 and there are over a 50 different styles in Mock Couture's expansive line of accessories; ranging from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and hair ties. Her designs and Righchus’s image was made iconic by Fletcher 3 in an enormous portrait that loomed behind her pop-up shop in the raw gallery space.
I had a chance to view the work of Fletcher 3 earlier in the evening and was later able to get his take on the collection of paintings. But after one to many glasses of wine much of what was said was muddled by the incessant voices of the party-goers and loud music. As a side note those DJ's kept the party going where at one point a full out dance battle broke out when Michael Jackson tunes were mix with socially conscious Q-tip rhymes. So as far as the Art work is concerned I will leave that to Fletcher 3.

Tres Frais interview with Fletcher 3.

What is the significance of the clouds and their outline as well as the chattering teeth?

Concerning the teeth, I would first have to say that I have the assumption that peoples conception of "The Father" the supreme almighty, all knowing presence we call God is a man with a great dental record. This man is pristine and lacks a sense of humor. The Old Testament God is a God of wrath. With this idea in mind I decided to include some degree or luxuriate some degree of humor by using the chattering teeth instead of using a basic set of dentures. The choice to use gold was also one of my decisions attempting to engage those who are within the culture of wearing gold caps and those who oppose the culture that wear gold caps. We all know what the associations with gold teeth are - gangsters, rappers, drug dealers, etc. But what interest me the most about this dichotomy is what conversation have I created between a gold teeth wearing individual and a non gold teeth wearing individual both whom worship "The Father". I believe my interest for combining or closing the schism between two groups of people is my anthropological interest in the Other. Throughout societies and throughout all cultures there is an inferior group of people and a superior group of people. The groups are created through the labeling process. The labeling categories are everything from language, vernacular, ethnicity, nationality and so on. While staying with the teeth, I kept in mind the demographics in Charleston - (the elite and high class individuals who in SC are predominately white and some of the middle to lower class blacks who wear grills). With the teeth that I have referred to as "the father" what conversation, what conversation or what acknowledgment have I induced in both people to consider the other. Can "The Father" which I have chastised, satirized and demeaned not bring a unity between these two people. Is that not his job or is his presence not strong enough to rid the pride that each person grasp very tightly. I'm talking about that self pride, that innate desire to differentiate yourself from another individual. Who doesn't try to look different than the next man whether it's by the clothes you wear, the way you speak, the car you drive, the phone you own, the books on your shelf, the school you attend? So what I've done by choosing to subordinate The Father through the rather less conventional and humorous representation of The Father by selecting chattering teeth, is to bring solidarity between to very different groups of people who rarely occupy the same space at one time but should. I'm looking to create some hostility. If I attack a figure or an idol such as God, can I create a defense composed of the Other and the "Otherer"? Because I'm really taking some shots a God. Just think about the idea of chattering teeth. What do they do and what's the mechanism? They chatter, chatter, chatter repetitively. I believe this is synonymous with the way the "word of god" is preached. It becomes a noise. Chatter, chatter, chatter, Consider that. The bible is preached and preached and preached but what condition is humanity in at this point and for the past 2000 years. In a world of war, famine, drugs, murder, genocides, segregation, discrimination, and greed. God can help many people but i will say his presence if you will has brought more harm to humanity than good. So, Id rather demystify "The Father" like I have done by choosing to represent him with chattering gold teeth and not with the use of a white robe or long white beard.

How about those clouds:

I have a great appreciation for them. They're very mystical and organic and very ephemeral. Clouds are also very holy and god like. They are included in the heavens. I want the viewer to consider the same ideas and not mistake them for a background or simple platform for these other objects that I have composed creating this triptych to simply rest on. By including the very graphic blue stroke I’ve put emphasis and given great attention to their presence creating more conversation between the clouds and the objects that rest on them. What is the relationship between "The Father" and clouds? How do each one of these panels in this triptych converse with one another, Reconsider what that relationship means to you. Do clouds have a presence without the Father? I see clouds but no Father and no heaven. At times I wish to for security. But, I only see a lush atmosphere that I will force no sentimental relationship with because it will soon disappear.

What is the over arching theme of the collection?

Considering Righchus Renaissance contained a assortment of works ranging from 2009 back to 07 I will say my most recent works completed in the past 8 months ("Really Holy" "Rude Interruption" "John Boy 4:10"and "The Father, the Son, and the Other Two" are pretty comprehensive representation of the direction my work is going. What I've noticed from being able to look at my older works and newer works exhibited in one place is the sophistication that has developed over the past few years. In my newer work I have begun to make a more considered, more rigorous attempt to create a dialogue and create conversations within these cryptic images that are more confrontational and interrogating and cerebrally engaging. My older was created from these same concepts presented in my earlier more figurative work but what I illustrated was the emotion from the sources. There is a dramatization. The new works that I've referred to are very allegorical and satirical, void of my personal sentiment and more focused on the conversation I'm able to create between my work and my audience in an explicit manner. The work is much more mature and excuted with greater intension, certainty and confidence in the material and subjects I'm working with. But more specifically, this body of work I’m one way or another deal with the ideas of the othering process speaking in an anthropological sense and what factors I see as enablers of this process such as power, religion, economic status, race, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

What was your starting point? Was their a person, place or thing that got you inspired?

These pieces have been in the making for a long time. I've just begun to develop a way to communicate these ideas visually and in an engaging way. Like I mentioned previously, How do I focus less on capturing an emotion. More focus on exposing the source of these emotions and assimilating them into a cohesive body of work. But inspiration is hard to identify. There is always something subtle in everyday encounters and it's that nicety that can ignite an entire breadth of work and I find it the artist obligation to nurture that spontaneity in order to continuously create work. And it's within the process of creating a piece of artwork that you will then find inspiration for the next piece. Basically, working is the only way to find inspiration for new work, not sitting around waiting for an epiphany.

When your in your studio what music is playing?

Musiiiiccc. Hm. I listen to a wide range of genres. Everything from rock, jazz, and, hip-hop to techno, pop, and blues. Excluding hyphy. I just can't get down. I've tried and tried but u just can't. But, music has an affect on the process. I can't blast Lil’ Wayne all the time or listen to Chuck Berry on repeat for too long. I usually do listen songs on repeat for hours at a time when working in the studio. I need one thing consistent that falls to the back and allows me to focus on the work but still gives the rhythmic presence keeping me moving.

What is in the works for your senior show?

I guess we will have to see. I can say that I am very engaged in the direction my work is currently going and I plan on continuing this method of working with loaded iconized images. In pursuit of developing these dialogues in a very articulated and satirical way.

After meeting your Mom I get that she is very supportive, has she always been?

I am very fortunate to have a mother that has encouraged and supported my artistic pursuits from day one. She is absolutely my #1 fan by far. People usually say to themselves "I’m my own worst critic". My mom is my worst critic. She let's me know how it is. "You should..." "That might not..." "Maybe you can change..." I have to remind her that she's not part of the Midici family and commissioning the piece that I'm working on. It's the artist in her. She’s been quite the creative herself throughout her entire life, which is why I see her effort to nurture my artistic potentially.

How did you get connected with Righchus, Dalila, and Brwn Drby?

Myself Dalia and Righchus were simultaneously bred at Charleston County School
Of the Arts. Fortunately we've all kept up with arts and over the summer linked back up, shared our pursuits up to that point and after hearing that each of us is doing something in the arts (music fashion and visual art) we need to have a show exhibiting all of us. It happened as simple as I just stated. The conversation was something like "what have you been up to? Umm still painting", "we should have a show","let's make it happen!" birth of Righchus Renaissance. And to make it even more appealing and multiple faceted we including BrownDerby whose streetwear line is rising fast with it's urban appeal and striking verbiage.

What is your ultimate goal in life, What’s dream dream job?

Ultimate goal in life is to continue working with other creative artist in every form imaginable. I living my dream and it will never be considered and job.

What are your plans after college?

Post graduation? Tough question. I plan to be... Graduate school is a possibility but I may use some time after undergrad to leave the academic realm and work exclusively in a studio in New York.

Fletcher3? I think I know.

My full name is Fletcher L Williams III
Thus FLETCHER 3. I figured 3 was pretty distinctive and easily identifiable.

At what point were you like “wow” at something that you were apart of or produced or experienced?

I went to see Anita Baker live at an outdoor concert in Brooklyn. It was the most mesmerizing and amazing performance I have ever experienced. I think my mouth was open the entire show and had goose bumps over my entire body. Her voice transcends any sound I've ever heard come from a human being. For someone ones voice to create such an outer body experience had to be unreal. I'm really not exaggerating. Her voice just resonates and blows you away. I literally said WOW from the beginning to the end because I sure wasn't about to be saying it watching Charlie Wilson up the singing to the ladies in the lime green suit. That's a different kind of wow. "is he really wearing that, wow". He was groovin though. Great show.

Now for some Sartorial questions

Describe your personal style…

My personal style I would say is simple and laid back. I'm good to go with a pair of Levis, a solid shirt, and some casual tennis shoes. If i do choose to wear something besides the basic and want to make a statement I'll throw on a hot jacket or shirt from Cavi. Those gold accents catch anyone’s attention.

Favorite designers?

Hmmm. I honestly haven't been following fashion that closely to give you my favorite designers. When I start getting suits for from bespoke suits from Armani well talk about thus again.

Right now I am wearing...

My black suede Vans (off the wall). Black Levis, Grey Cavi long sleeve and a tweed overcoat. Gotta step my game up a bit. I'm meeting up with one of the most beautiful woman you'll ever meet. Well keep her name anonymous.

I feel best wearing?

Anything to keep me warm in NY's ice-cold winds. A little more specific I feel my best when I look my best and looking my best is being comfortable. Once in awhile I might have to leave the kicks and jeans at home and step out with my other favorite shoes - Cole Haan Black Howland Penny and a nice suit.

What shoes do you constantly wear?

My black suede Vans. Most comfortable shoe ever. Wear them to the club, a lounge, the bar, and on my laundry day.

Never caught wearing?


Your next must have purchase?

My next must have is a plane ticket to Paris.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

I plan to make my favorite vacation spot Costa Rica after visiting of couple fellow artist, one who will be in London and the other in Japan. By then I hope to feel like I deserve these trips. I have a few more shows to so and work to produce.

What is your go to drink or cocktail?

Caperania Or like my boy Vaughn would say "mix the Patron with the Gatorade".

TFN: Well that’s it.
F3:Thanks for doing this and I hope I've given you some engaging things for the readers.
TFN: Oh yes you certainly have and Thank you for being the person you are and taking the time to go deeper and answer these questions and informing us about your work. Us creative folk must stay in touch.

Portraits Courtesy of Jeff Graff Photography
In order of apperance: Righchus,Dilila, KJ of Brown Derby and Fletcher 3.
All Art work by Fletcher 3 for more info contact @ fletcherwilliams3@gmail.com
Mock Couture Available at Sole Suite.com