Pop-Up Shops- Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton have surprised us with the design of their latest store: it's called Underground and it fits perfectly into the Japanese market. Underground has just opened in the Seibu shopping centre in Ikebukuro, Japan, a concept store that will only open for a limited period. This idea of the rouge luxury boutique is ironic due to the ever present counterfeit goods that can be in the Americas and abroad. But this shop is the real thing, its great to see that the worlds biggest brand still manages to have a sense of humor.

Interestingly, the store is located in the basement of the shopping centre - it feels like we're going into the storeroom. At first glance, the store looks like a warehouse, with all the typical icons of an industrial area. It has wooden boxes stacked one on top of the other, markings on the floor directing us to the various parts of the store, cranes, cones closing off certain areas, and all the French brand's exquisite creations.This latest Japanese creative project by Vuitton is a very interesting pop-up store, and the most fashionable warehouse i've ever seen.

Pop-Up Shops-Prada

Apollinaire was an Italian art critic and writer who developed his career in France. He was one of the most active members of the artistic district of Montparnasse, collaborating with people like Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau.His career featured writings on Cubist painting and works like Orfeo (1911) and Alcoois (1913).Only a brand like Prada could create a temporary store in Paris as a tribute to Apollinaire. The store is located in Place Beauvau, and it'll be open for the next five months. The whole store is inspired by the famous writer.The space was designed by Robert Baciocchi, and the spectacular facade is a reference to the image of Mirabeau bridge, the inspiration for one of Apollinaire's most famous poems.The silhouette of the bridge frames the store, while mannequins depict a scene from Paris in the early 20th century.Lilac and gold tones pervade the store, and the marble is from the first Prada store, established in 1913. This unique store is really worth a visit if you happen to be in Paris in the next five months.


He's got the look!!- Moustache/Goatee Edition

As far as I am concerned the look of guy with facial hair can never go out of style. Perhaps it has to do with ease that is involved, that good old get up and go style. Or maybe because it makes you look older whatever the reason I'm not shaving any time soon so enjoy these breads,moustaches, and goatees. Check out the guy from Hall & Oates as well as Mark Spitz those are awesome moustaches!!!


Nageons ! !

I loved the 2008 Printemps/Ete Men's Mcqueen show it all began with a 1961 LeRoy Grannis image of a kid surfing in black suit and white shirt. A few days ago I bought the taffeta trunks from American Apparel so I hope you enjoy my other picks from AA for days at the beach, pool or waterpark.


Okay so on a recent trip to Atlanta I went to the Adidas Originals store and got an exclusive sneek peak at new Jeremy Scott Collection. But as far as the Lenox store is concerned the clothes and shoes will be available at the beginning of August. As a side thought that Parka reminds me of this old Stephen Sprouse poncho.


We Had Him par Maya Angelou pour Michael Jackson

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind.

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace. Sing our songs among the stars and walk our dances across the face of the moon.

In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.

Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone.

Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him.

He came to us from the creator, trailing creativity in abundance.

Despite the anguish, his life was sheathed in mother love, family love, and survived and did more than that.

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. We had him whether we know who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his.

We had him, beautiful, delighting our eyes.

His hat, aslant over his brow, and took a pose on his toes for all of us.

And we laughed and stomped our feet for him.

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing. He gave us all he had been given.

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana's Black Star Square.

In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England

We are missing Michael.

But we do know we had him, and we are the world.


Personal Style

Name:Niccole Ferraro

Occupation: Retail Manager

Dream Job:Stylist for magazine photo shoots

Best Sartorial (style) advice from your parents?
keep it basic and it will never go out of style

Style icons? Anybody from the 1940's or 50's

Describe your personal style…

Favorite designers? Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Chanel

Most cherished item? My Bakelite jewelry.

I feel best wearing?
Cut off jean shorts and my boyfriends old t-shirt

The first thing I look at in another persons outfit...
Can you see their panty line and what kind of shoes they are wearing

I never break this fashion rule…
wearing clothes that are too tight (ughh gross)

Never caught wearing?
Too much makeup

Dress to impress who?
Myself. If I look good I feel good.

Guys I date generally…
Have tattoos and no sense of style

Your next "must have" purchase?
Menswear Blazer

Favorite item of clothing?
Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans. Perfect b/c I'm short.

Most stylish city?
Paris of course

When I was high school I wore…
MC Hammer pants, silk shirts and leather mini skirts

Um no....

Favorite vacation spot?
San Fransisco

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Favorite cocktail?
Not big on cocktails just give me a beer.