Walking Dakota

I have been frequenting this new park in North Charleston visiting when I am in town. Smack in the middle of the Old Naval Shipping Yard, it provides the perfect escape from noises of the city. On my most recent trip I took my dog with me to walk, an explore. Public Art is juxtaposed with the old industrial surroundings. It is a real slice of heaven in what is otherwise a less than desirable area. In one moment your breathing in air fresh from the river an in the next your view is being dominated by an enormous tanker. Even the bathrooms are artfully designed, the concrete slab appears as a wall slicing into the kelly green mound that quietly engulfes it only to revel a smooth monolithic structure once you stroll around it. Procession is so improtant here, it allows you the chance to just breath deep and ponder.


Show up and Show OUT!!!

So I have finally gotten back to my computer to say the Vuitton girl this season is showing up and showing OUT!!! That much can't be said for those late comers to the show. It was exaggeration it was excess it was 80's it was early 90's it was over the top and full of what we expect from Vuitton. The shoes were... soooooooo sever and hard but ultra feminine and luxurious. The bags, for me were not the star of the show the tailoring an odd proportions made me sit up and take note. That section of red tailored jackets I loved and I can't get enough of. The nude/camel color stuff that came after was amazing. She is full on French, this Vuitton Girl it is undeniable you tell that even the models enjoyed playing the part. So to Marc,I say yet another job WELL DONE but I expect this sort of thing from him. Im on a fashion high or maybe im just sleep deprived oh well where was that bottle of wine?


Fashion Week Viktor & Rolf

Ok. so V&R just let out and I can't wait until I can gather my thoughts to speak on this. But I will be posting soon on the other shows. Dior, Nina Ricci and later this week Mcqueen and Vuitton. But I did have the pleasure to meet Micheal Fink the buyer for Saks he is Tres Frais.