Lanvin Part 2

Ok. Have you heard of Gucci? Well what about Pucci, Prada, perhaps Fendi? If those names ring a bell let me ask you this, What about Lanvin? well I have recently become a huge fan of Lanvin, Designer Alber Elbaz has amassed cool cache of designes for the once drab label. He has done this through being able to make clothes that both the old and young can enjoy a wear and look stunning in. In one interview Elbaz said that "clothes don't reflect, people reflect"this is such a true statement for me these clothes simply act as a back drop for you to let your voice truly be heard.


Lanvin Part I

The last day of Europe's Spring menswear schedule belonged to Lanvin. Fair enough—Lucas Ossendrijver pioneered the pajama-easy languor that has been one of the season's biggest trends—but he wasn't resting on his laurels. The designer originally opted for a big-volume statement, but then he decided to inject a little tension into the collection by torturing the volume into something else. He did this, for instance, with the elastic that tightened cuffs and gave a blazer a blouson waistband. Ossendrijver also used pintucking, pleats, or ruching on the sleeves of a safari jacket, or on a pair of pants so narrow they might have been leggings. It was a way of giving the sinuous fabrics he favors a new movement.

Elsewhere, he let the volume fly free in a leather trench, a nylon windbreaker, or a denim peacoat layered over denim shorts. They added a tough little fillip to a collection that otherwise was very much in the ambiguous vein that Ossendrijver and his mentor Alber Elbaz have made the signature of Lanvin's menswear. Hence, a tee beaded with a trompe l'oeil necklace effect, a male version of the faux tulle-mounted jewelry in Elbaz's womenswear. Or a matching jacket and top in a nubby black jacquard, or more of that clinging knitwear. The fabric sandals were also polymorphous (less so, the beaded high-tops). But this time around, Ossendrijver struck a faultless balance between the decadent and the divine. He claimed he was seeking "clothes with emotion." The rapturous response of the audience suggested he'd found them.


Thanks to you im 3 times faster

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to a longtime college friend of mine Amy,who is leaving Savannah, but for my birthday gifted her road bike to me. I love the bike and it has a new home in which it will receive lots of love. I wish all the best to you Amy where ever the long and winding road takes you know I will follow it to your door. I Love You, and Thank You.


Someone Great.

What are the things that make someone great? In particular, the people that we look up to and or idolize, or just really respect. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine Imani who I go to school with whos majoring in Fashion Design she showed me a photo of her favorite fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as his favorite musician, who suprisingly was Lil Wayne. yes mister Milli himself. I think its funny how even people we look up to have people that they look up to as well. I think Marc Jacobs is amazing at what he does and he could barely speak when he meet his favorite artist Ed Ruscha. Simple things like that humanize us all. Speaking of humanizing I'm reading American Psycho but thats another entry.


Le Baluchon

Ok so I need a bag for my computer. I did a few sketches just to roughly get my ideas on paper. The Backpack would be made of 100% wool. I am so obsessed with wool right now so this is a reflection of that for sure. In terms of color Red, Grey,or maybe Purple.


My Favorite Fall 2008 Collection.

The fall 2008 rtw collections have lots to offer all who care to take from them. For me though at the moment I am really feeling the color grey. What does this mean well right now I don' t have the answer but maybe Viktor&Rolf does. NO! is the word, Diana Vreeland once said that "elegance is refusal" so perhaps no is what I am saying NO! to color and Yes to the mystery that lies within the grey area, color "dream on".


I am so happy to finally have time to have my own blog. Hope you all enjoy the things that I find very cool or Tres Frais!!!!