The Return Of the Biker-Printemps/Ete 2010

MTV can say that they did it first. First as in reality tv, but the most memorable character for me during The Real World San Francisco, was Puck.A gnarly bike messenger with the attitude to match."Your local bike messenger is probably a scrawny, over-inked meth head with bad hair, but in the eyes of Paul Helbers and his team at Louis Vuitton, bike messengers are "the gentlemen butterflies" of the city, in honor of whom they created a collection that celebrated sleek, aerodynamic athleticism."reports Tim Blanks of Men.Style.com. I certainly do agree, but the runway that resemble a New York sidewalk was complete with honking horns and an asphalt like material covering the runway and even a few of the shoes. I for one could not take my eyes off of the bags! Those waste packs I found to be funny because as a biker I have certainly sported my fair share of fanny packs. Athough the very large backpacks were a nice addtion to the type of backpacks that can currently be found at Vuitton. Helbers took it one step foward showing it in ostrich which I just totally,utterly desire to have in my life but thats another post.


Island Style

What is style? Well for me it means simply to be self aware of what is
working for you. This sense of personal style is undeniable. So I'm
going to the Bahamas to visit a few of my favorite folks and I am sure
to encounter some intresting people with a strong sense of personal
style so... We shall see. I arrive in Nassau at 3:00 tomorrow.Bon