Regardez: CFW Emerging Designer Competition

Tuesday night was the first night of Charleston Fashion Week 2010 and I was churning with excitement. As I sat in my reserved second row seat directly behind the editor of Charleston Scene, I read the notes on the emerging designers that would be showing their collections. Earlier that day I was chatting with one of my friends and we were talking about "What is fashion in Charleston". He had mentioned that it seems as if for some "Fashion is ripped jean, paired with weird high- top sneakers."  This was still a pungent thought that lingered in my mind as I watched the mob of seat-less attendees vying for a glimpse of the show that was already in progress. I definitely underestimated the talent of some of the emerging designers. I was not wowed by any one collection as a whole but perhaps by the ideas and techniques that were presented. I love the use of materials in Julia Faye Davidson’s collection. Davidson executed linen trench coats with leather details that seemed to capture the Native American spirit. This was an interesting paradox; it took all of my energy not to rip the jacket off the model as he made his exit. Linen is on of those materials that feel so comfortable against bare skin especially during the Summer.

One of the stand out collections was Larika Page. I really enjoyed her take on 1950’s glamour. It was different from the serious clothes that we saw at Vuitton, but they certainly were just as well constructed. She understands how to make women exclaim with desire as I could overhear several women from the row behind me whisper “Oh yeah, I would totally were that!!” I got a chance to speak with Larika on Wednesday in between shows. I asked her about the future of fashion and how she is preparing for it? She quickly replied with “Up!, Fashion must go up!” and then she explained that “ in times like these we have  to take what we already have and mix it so it becomes new.” which most  people would agree with. Page who likes to mix high and low in her own wardrobe, delivered a collection that was chock full of separates. The Page collection was like a Technicolor dream, electric- blues, punchy pinks, topped off with frothy layers of pink tulle.  I am sure that come Saturday Page will be the last one standing, although the Barbara Beach children’s line was adorable.

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christine said...

That first model pictured totally rocked the runway!