Talent Show.

Since I've been at SCAD I have had the pleasure to meet the most intresting people. No matter where these people have come from no matter what their past they have been drawn to this city drawn to me and I drawn have been drawn to them. Making our worlds more bright just , just a joy and I am truly happy to be here in the moment I close my eyes hoping for it to last a forever.


Staying Grounded

What keeps you grounded in the world? Is it you family, is it you friends or is it a higher power? For me right now it is my friends and family. For most it is just the support that is had just from hearing from someone close to you. This last few weeks have been so insane so being able to take a moment to reflect is so imperative fabulosity on terra.


My Interpretation of the Marc Jacobs Show

So In my earlier post I said the Color Purple and something about it being under the big top... well that still holds true. But in a Style.com interview Marc said that "of course there were things that he did look at an reference to come up with the collection but who cares what I think what is your interpretation?" He also said in reference to Louis Vuitton that you make fashion what you need it to be. This I think is true for the woman that he presented to us days ago. My interpretation is that the woman is Shug Avery from The Color Purple and we see her as she travels through America. You know Shug was such an enigmatic character that seem to just appear and play such a major role in the way the whole story unfolded. Just as this woman did on the runway, it just makes you want to use this exercise on the people you happen upon on a daily basis. Not that your answer is the definitive one but its better than pluging those earbuds on and tunning-out the world.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 Marc Jacobs Collection showed on Monday night at 7, and by 8 I was wanting the replay what I had just seen. The word that can describe the clothes is "hoard" the multitude of the brocades, bags, frocks, and frills was enough to make any fashion forward granny swoon. Swoon with the nostalgic sensibility that slunk down the runway. The Mary Poppins goes to Dubai. The King and I meets The Postman Always Rings Twice. Yves Saint Laurent's Ballets Russes collection redux. The Perry Ellis Grunge Collection filtered through The Color Purple and collected an correlated under the big top (Circus Tent) meandering thru the Stefan Beckman-designed Hall of Mirrors runway all set to music that would be better suited on any Classic Warner Brothers cartoon. But I digress,the clothes... cropped brocade pants mixed with matronly hair wraps all teetering on six inch heels. Layered looks that could be a greatest hits for the fashion week vet, not to mention the absolutely beautiful gowns that closed the show those I really loved well enough of what I think go... go watch the show at his sight an comeback tell me what you think and If you have seen it go watch it again, there will be a quiz later.


Duckie Brown Spring 2009

Stephen Cox and Daniel Silver seemed to have transformed right before our eyes well at least their Duckie Brown man has. The Collection opened with tailored jackets that were paired with baggy shorts and as a base, leggings, this was inspired by the underlying workout theme and their newly adopted intrest in swimming not to mention those speedo body suits that Micheal Phelps wore during the recent Olympic games.
Yesterday It was raining cats and dogs so at dinner I wore a sweater, I had forgotten how nice it was to wear sweaters. Stay with me I am getting to the point, so from this athletic theme they began mixing in oversized sweaters driving home the idea that their man is becoming thinner but continuing to wear hes fat clothes ,this I found very intresting. All summer I have been wearing wool sweaters when I was in the mood so it s nice to see that Duckie Brown is going a step further with that idea.


Fashion in 5!

I am so excited to see what the New York designers have to say about fashion for the Spring 2009 season. I will be posting everyday maybe once or twice so stay posted for updated. The show everyone I know is most excited about it the Marc Jacobs but thats Monday at 8pm or 9, or 10 or whenever the hell he feels like showing up.


Designer Shoes

Well this love affair with Lanvin has come full circle. Shoes form evening ware to the ubiquitous sneaker. The lables that I love all make the most desirable sneakers a boy could want, The sneakers featured can all be found at Browns.com. Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Jil Sander.