Regardez:Men,Women and Marc Jacobs

This is how the story goes...
I received a text message  from Najee Wilson, Style Editor of VENT Mag, on Wednesday stating that Marc Jacobs, one of the highest members of fashion royalty, would be making an appearance at his Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Savannah the next day. Thursday morning Najee pulls up to my front door and says "I'm kidnapping you for fashion. Get in!" This was the beginning of our quest to meet Marc. One thing I have learned in the short time I've known Najee is that this moment has been something he has been dreaming of for a very long time! In fact, when I bumped into him during New York Fashion Week his central focus was attending his show and meeting the top designer in person. Now to understand this you must know that it's not a cooky obsession like an everyday fan but more so a study of a designer that has shaped a love for the creative art that penetrates all the layers of the Jacobs empire. I share this admiration! Even those who know very little about fashion if anything at all - know Marc Jacobs!

When we arrived the line was long but not in any way daunting despite the heat. However the beautiful MJ shop boys were kind enough to walk the line with cool water both quenching my thirst and providing a little eye candy! The purpose of this affair was to raise funds for the Savannah Skate Park through the sale of t-shirts designed to support this destination for skaters. We arrived just in time (an hour before Jacobs arrived) to receive the new book, The Men and Women of Marc Jacobs, a large glossy hardback photo coffee table book shot by Brian Bowen Smith with forward by Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs (retails for $95). Both  were so gracious to sign each and every copy given out to what looked like at least 80 to 100 people who were early to the store awaiting MJ's arrival, stopping only briefly to sing Happy Birthday to a surprised Robert Duffy. The book is filled with well styled gorgeous shots of the staff from the various Marc Jacobs boutiques. (Trust me when I say it's the coolest shop boys and girls you have ever seen!)  It was a surreal moment when I actually met Marc who after posing for countless pictures, signing t-shirts and books, still managed to have a smile for me! I chatted with him about Charleston- he's never been- and of course made my proposal for him to pay us a visit. It was a dream!  So begins my new mission- get Marc Jacobs to Charleston! Let the campaign begin!
In the midst of the crowds of style mavens and skaters I managed to capture a few moments through pictures and video! Enjoy!
-Ayoka Lucas Style Director Charleston Magazine