Regardez: Mychael Knight Hiver 2010/Interview

In Season Three of Bravo’s hit reality television competition Project Runway the world met Mychael Knight. Where he won three design challenges and was referred to as the fan favorite by more than 10 million viewers. Lover of beauty, Mychael Knight showed his first full collection since his Debut at Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week. Being that Charleston Fashion Week is quickly becoming the premiere fashion event in the southeast it only made since that he shows here. On Wednesday evening monsieur Knight did just that, he showed up and showed out. As the lights fade in from black the DJ dropped the freshest beat then flipped it as model Katie Kern, a true force of nature, strutted down the catwalk to the tune of Rihanna’s “Hard”. I was on a fashion high sitting in the front row, mere inches away from this army of black and white clad women.  Rihanna proclaimed “They can say whatever, I’ma do whatever” and this was the idea behind collection titled Carte Blanche. I spoke with Mychael who explained, "Carte Blanche was about me doing me. I had no concerns with trends, fads, or anything else. I wanted to "visual" vocalize the new aesthetic of the Mychael Knight brand.” I can tell you right now that he DELIVERED this. The monochromatic looks made you really study the texture, construction and silhouette of the clothes. Knight took the Balmain shoulder (the exaggerated shoulder) to new heights with the third exit and from that point showed five other shapes. Ribbons of black duchess satin was used to create sculptural bands that swirled around the hips of one model and the torso of another to the leave the viewer spellbound. I was so in awe of the fit of a few of the looks. Opaque leggings and bodysuits with sheer stripes up the sides. If Amber Rose went on an intergalactic holiday these are the clothes she would wear. These clothes were hard, soft, minimal, opulent, shiny, matte, masculine, feminine, long, short, tight, loose, sheer, opaque, and black and white.
Now as far as fresh techniques, fabric studs stole the show. I have seen studs but never made of fabric not to mention white croc. I wonder if Mychael has any plans to do a men’s wear line, I think Amber would get lonely being the only well dress one on her journey in deep space.

This collection also makes me think of the MAD MAX movies especially the one with Tina Turner. And  the David Lynch sci-fi film Dune with Sting. 80's sci-fi films had the greatest costumes they literally took you to another world.

Ohhhhh and lets not forget Tupac in the video for California Love.

Mychael Knight Interview

tfn: What do you see as being the future of fashion with Couture Houses closing and other labels growing more popular each season what are your thoughts?

Knight: I think couture house will return to their roots & listen to their core clients/customers.

tfn: If you could assume role as creative director at any Luxury Brand, which would that, be and why?

Knight: Claude Montana. It was ALWAYS about a woman's body & how SHE wears the clothes, not how the clothes wear her.

tfn: How do you feel about Blogs and Bloggers? Any favorites?

Knight: I like bloggers who are positive & informative. I hate the ones who aren't. Fashion bloggers are usually the best. Blogging about fashion is about truth.... either you have style or you don't.

tfn: Given the popularity of technology and the importance of Blogs (in my opinion), do you believe that Fashion Week should become more public for those interested in attending or stay a industry only event?

Knight: It should be about fashion. Whoever has the passion to partake should do so.

tfn: I am curious was the black on black houndstooth was this the screen-printed fabric that you happened upon in that random fabric store in Georgia?

Knight: The fabric is wool, not screen-printed. It was given to me. I thought it was beautiful, so I created beauty.

tfn: I found the looks in your fall collection to be quite gestural and with the collection titled Carte Blanche was this answer to the question about return to glamour? In Paris this Fall season we heard lots of talk about the new "Power Dressing" I love how Dries Van Noten sent girls out in evening gowns and sweatshirts, you did power dressing in a more overtly sexy way. ???

Knight: "Carte Blanche" was about me doing me. I had no concerns with trends, fads, or anything else. I wanted to "visual" vocalize the new aesthetic of the Mychael Knight brand.

I know your wondering where my front row photos are but check this out I shot the entire show with my Lomography fisheye camera so when I get those developed I will post them!!!

View Rihanna "Hard" Music Video on my tumblr site.



LoliTa said...

j;adore! love all this tailoring, they make the fabric look like paper! beautiful


Laura Elaine said...

Yes, I was super impressed with Mychael's departure. His designs were out of this world, but still wearable. As in, I'd like to wear them. Please??? :)

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