Regardez: Comment on Sartorialist

Earlier today I checked Scott's blog and he posed a question about a possible contest. I immediatley noticed it on Dashboard and posted a comment/question, four minutes later he relpied!!!! I really did forget that he does do his own blogging. Scott I hope that you will follow me and visit tres frais often.
Also while waiting to interview Mychael Knight from Project Runway in the Charleston Fashion Week press lounge I met Ed Kavishe, a photographer for Fashion Wire Press. He shared his thoughts on blogs,bloggers and,his favorite shows of the past season.He said, "That collection looked like fall in L.A" in referance to the Stella McCartney collection. He also said, "The space almost overshadowed the clothes" high baroque plus strict minimalism equals juxtaposition. We continued to gush about our favorite collections, presentations and designers. Viktor&Rolf and Chanel dominated the conversation by the end of our chat his intern whos laptop he commandeered was converted into a fashion lover.


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