We Love Stephen Sprouse

So on December 15 Louis Vuitton launched the We Love Stephen Sprouse website which is both a retrospective look at the artist/designers work. The site features videos from people who knew him when he was getting his start as well as those who knew him towards the end of his life. The site previews the second collaboration with Sprouse and Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Some may look at this and say it is the same as the 2003 collaboration but this time it is Marc paying homage to the late grafitti artist /designer by reimagining Louis Vuitton through the eyes of Sprouse. I love the neverfill bags with the roses. the day-glo defaced keepalls and the ski boot inspired trainers. The collection is due in stores in the New Year (January 8) and the retospective book titled SPROUSE will be sold in Vuitton stores worldwide starting Febuary.

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