Personal Style

Name: Freddy P.

What are you wearing now? Omg its Saturday, morning cartoons on but i did ran a quick errand so... I had on a khaki puma track jacket, and some loacs (shades)... but now since Im back in the apt. TOP: black Piggly Wiggly t- shirt (Im Big on the Pig) lol, BOTTOM: Gray old navy sweats, FEET: calf length Nike socks and Nike slippers to end! UNDERWEAR: American Eagle boxer briefs

How old are you? Legal {21}

Where are you from? That Port City but mostly called Charleston (Chucktown)

What do you do for a living? Full time college student, working as a Resident Assistant... I run a building... HNIC!! Favorite Brands? Roc A Wear, Parish, Puma, im now trying to buy vintage wear wish me luck

What is the worst outfit you ever wore? Tacky Day: If i can use this Hair: Blue Hair (washable) Bottom: Red Pants wit jean short pant over it
Top: Yellow and gold Kobe jersey wit a brown long sleeve t to layer
Left foot: Powder blue and dark blue tims (field boots)
Right foot: Brown Timberland Loafers
Accessories: Green NBA headband wit yellow wristband! But if not... don’t have bad outfits lol cocky for a reason... j/k

What is the most expensive thing in you wardrobe? Puma Ducati Shoes

The Cheapest? 2.99 Old Navy Shirt

Most recent purchase? New ball for my labret piercing

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? 24 here with me at school!! Wink wink

How many pairs of jeans do you own? 24 not including shorts (i know its the same # as the last? but im not fibbing)

Car, Bike or Skateboard? Don’t have a car so a bike is cool!!

What inspires your style? The weather, different cultures and my mood at the time!

Style Icon? Idk... light bulb pops in head {Diddy remixed wit Pharell}

Most recent Vacation? I don’t have those... but im going to DC for Spring Break!

Fantasy Vacation? Riding elephants on a Safari in Africa

Favorite Fashion House? I don’t have a favorite fashion house! Sorry

When is the last time you got into a fight? Shed i think since high school... but I was bout to fight some kappas at this party like a month ago!!

Sweater, Blazer, Windbreaker or Parka? Windbreaker

T-Shirt or Button-Down? Both i wear v-neck t-shirts under my button downs!!! Who doesn’t?

Boot cut or Skinny? Skinny

Belt or Suspenders? Depends on the mood!

If you could afford to you would… spend 1000's on expanding my wardrobe

Credit or Debit? Cash cuz im in debt already from credit :(

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