The Reason I LOVE NY.

I love New York for the fresh and new experiences to be had. During my recent trip days before Christmas I went to shops that I had not been to accompanied by my jaded friend and guide to the city Imani. Patricia Fields was the highlight of the shopping escapade. The colorful cast of characters who work their made us stay longer and buy more. Patricia Fields famed stylist and designer was in the store doing some evening Christmas shopping. As a Christmas gift to me she(Imani) and her mother surprised me with Broadway tickets to see Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. I was so shocked and really loved Radcliffe's preformance of Alan Strang. It proved he has real acting chops and is not only capable of portraying a young wizard. Snow was another big first not to mention the real cold weather that accompanied it. The throngs of shopper moving through the many shops both high-end and low-end even the few along the roads less traveled all decked-out in Holiday decor made it feel like the Christmas. I will make more posts about my trip but later its getting late.

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