Marc Jacobs Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 Marc Jacobs Collection showed on Monday night at 7, and by 8 I was wanting the replay what I had just seen. The word that can describe the clothes is "hoard" the multitude of the brocades, bags, frocks, and frills was enough to make any fashion forward granny swoon. Swoon with the nostalgic sensibility that slunk down the runway. The Mary Poppins goes to Dubai. The King and I meets The Postman Always Rings Twice. Yves Saint Laurent's Ballets Russes collection redux. The Perry Ellis Grunge Collection filtered through The Color Purple and collected an correlated under the big top (Circus Tent) meandering thru the Stefan Beckman-designed Hall of Mirrors runway all set to music that would be better suited on any Classic Warner Brothers cartoon. But I digress,the clothes... cropped brocade pants mixed with matronly hair wraps all teetering on six inch heels. Layered looks that could be a greatest hits for the fashion week vet, not to mention the absolutely beautiful gowns that closed the show those I really loved well enough of what I think go... go watch the show at his sight an comeback tell me what you think and If you have seen it go watch it again, there will be a quiz later.

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