Duckie Brown Spring 2009

Stephen Cox and Daniel Silver seemed to have transformed right before our eyes well at least their Duckie Brown man has. The Collection opened with tailored jackets that were paired with baggy shorts and as a base, leggings, this was inspired by the underlying workout theme and their newly adopted intrest in swimming not to mention those speedo body suits that Micheal Phelps wore during the recent Olympic games.
Yesterday It was raining cats and dogs so at dinner I wore a sweater, I had forgotten how nice it was to wear sweaters. Stay with me I am getting to the point, so from this athletic theme they began mixing in oversized sweaters driving home the idea that their man is becoming thinner but continuing to wear hes fat clothes ,this I found very intresting. All summer I have been wearing wool sweaters when I was in the mood so it s nice to see that Duckie Brown is going a step further with that idea.

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