My Interpretation of the Marc Jacobs Show

So In my earlier post I said the Color Purple and something about it being under the big top... well that still holds true. But in a Style.com interview Marc said that "of course there were things that he did look at an reference to come up with the collection but who cares what I think what is your interpretation?" He also said in reference to Louis Vuitton that you make fashion what you need it to be. This I think is true for the woman that he presented to us days ago. My interpretation is that the woman is Shug Avery from The Color Purple and we see her as she travels through America. You know Shug was such an enigmatic character that seem to just appear and play such a major role in the way the whole story unfolded. Just as this woman did on the runway, it just makes you want to use this exercise on the people you happen upon on a daily basis. Not that your answer is the definitive one but its better than pluging those earbuds on and tunning-out the world.

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