Regardez:NYFW Day 2 Ruffian, Zac Posen and Buckler

On Day 2 I hit the ground running or should I say slipping on patches of black ice in my Lanvin shoes all the way to Lincoln Center for the Ruffian show. I had met Claude Morris and Brian Wolk last May in Savannah at a SCAD event. So when I recieved the invite to see their FW Collection I was excited to say the least. My after taking my seat on the second row the show started about 45mins after that, standard for shows at LC. Lorenzo Martone took his seat right in front of mine which if I have to look past someone it could have been worse. The collection entitled Tuxedo Park consisted of all the typical elements of evening wear but was interesting to see this idea on the body of a woman interpreted in lace, fringe, chopped taffeta, satin and sequins. The clothes had a bit of a masculine edge but was still very feminine. There were several jackets and gowns that would look fantastic on a woman of any age. After the show,instead of trying to fight my way out of the Studio tent were the show took place I struck up a convo with Adrianne Pasquarelli of Crain's New York Business who was seated next to me. She asked me what I thought about the show and we talked until the tent had all but emptied with the exception of a few people. Our conversation ended up become the topic of an article she writes. Instead of going backstage I spoke to Lorenzo for a quick second just long enough to introduce myself. After I went to Times Square to meet up with Jai she had an appointment at the Zac Posen showroom so I went along with her there.
Zspoke is the diffusion line for Zac Posen his collection was perfect for the modern woman looking to pull back on spending big bucks but wanting more from her clothes. Everything from the bags to the jackets and evening gowns are more than desirable. The showroom smelled of peonies which added color the the long wooden tables that they sat upon. Ben who showed us the collection was super accomidating answer Jai's questions and my few questions like "Which bag was Zac's favorite?". On our way out we ran into Zac who was running back into his studio with a rouge piece of champagne colored satin.
After Zspoke we had about and hour before Buckler which was to take place on the street. We took lunch at Soho Cafe and warmed up for a bit before making our way to the Buckler show.The AAU show was that night at 8 but after a $35.00 cab ride from Brooklyn I missed the show that started almost an hour late.

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