Regardez:NYFW Day 1 Copperwheat and Wayne

The first day of NYFW for me was less hectic so after a light breakfast Fletcher III and his roomies and I took in some art at The Met. Later that afternoon I went to the Copperwheat Presentation at the SoHo Grand the room smelled of spray paint wafting from the garments that look as if they could have been peeled off subway walls recently tagged by some cubist graffiti artist. For this reason alone I, this was a stellar collection. I enjoyed the overall relaxed nature of the clothes the models seem quite comfortable wearing them. Around 6 was Wayne at Milk Studios. By the time I got to Milk my phone died so sorry no pics. But the collection was beautiful, minimalism with a hard edge. Totally stunning and a great beginning to the show season.

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great pictures!

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