Regardez:Bottega Veneta Spring 2011

Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta took inspiration from the great American road trip and took that concept an entire continent further. From Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, this transcontinental road-trip imagined by Maier allowed his guy to rediscover a country he'd spent too much time flying over. The ultra-relaxed suits that opened the show seemed to be perfect for cool nights in Vegas, and warm days spent speeding through the desert.

A series of monochrome outfits in maroon, yves klien blue, and olive green, especially a coat, pants, top, and intrecciato tote took me to a place where super-casual was key.So keeping with the idea that Maier’s guy would be living out of a suitcase tossed in the back seat, clothes were wrinkled. The featherweight trenches that came in about four different colors were amazing. I very much like this idea of layering light material in weather that may otherwise not take kindly to such practices. Maier gave us utilitarian pieces, in white cotton and washed suede and leathers, suggesting the wardrobe of an explorer. Maier emphasized athleticism with micro-perforated fabrics, sometimes in gussetlike insets used to articulate seams. The models strolled along with wind tossed curls and facial hair that suggested I can’t remember where I packed my razor, or perhaps I never packed it at all.

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