Regardez: Viktor & Rolf "Dolls"

The true strength of Viktor & Rolf’s work lies in their genuine modesty, though they are occasionally known for making grandiose statements, with overwhelming proportions. The essence of their work is high-quality simplicity. Take what you see and try to improve on it, sans any idealistic aims or wild fantasies. This is most apparent in there film "Because were worth it" which takes the viewer in the minds of the duo an show the road to the launch of there fragrance Flowerbomb at their Spring 2005 presentation. Viktor & Rolf aim to keep with the traditions of the low countries, in which idiosyncrasies and uniqueness are only valued when kept at arm’s length, and that a humble attitude is expected. Their success comes not from rejecting these conventions, but because they have developed a sincerity in which they test the boundaries of this sham context, exposing its falsehood. Therefore, the duo felt they needed to put their entire oeuvre into perspective.
‘Dolls’ is the result. It is a blend of creative and artistic power, coupled with the modesty which typifies their work. This collection has now found a home with Studio Job, whom they have had a personal relationship with since the 1990s.
- Erik Schilp, director of Naturalis, the Museum of National History of the Netherlands.
The showcase exhibition DOLLS by Viktor & Rolf will take place from May 18th until July 10th 2010, in the new Studio Job gallery by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel in Antwerp, Belgium.
Photography by Peter Stigter.


AZEDE said...

I have always been a huge fan of Victor & Rolf, so i can't help but love the dolls. thanks for the comment on my blog.

Laura Elaine said...

Oh my God AMAZING. Will they please do SS/10 dolls!?!?