Regardez: Minimalism is maximalism at least in Paris

Apparently everybody got the memo about minimalism. Stella McCartney showed one notched blazers and coats over slim trousers all in grey which was made fresh with the seasons kitten heals. I loved Natasha Poly's look an oversized camel cardigan, thats it. That collection exuded a casual sort of glamour. The  opulent baroque interior of The Paris Opera House was literally overshadowed by the ethereal trains on a few of the looks.

Theatrics aside, Viktor&Rolf's presentation on Saturday was simply spellbounding. This idea that an entire look could be changed with nothing more than a few drawstrings and zippers was genius. It was a great progression given the concept for their last show. In times like these consumers want more bang for there bucks. It also seemed to be a nod to there Fall 1999/2000 Hiver Russian Doll as well as the Black Hole collection. Volume that is being restricted to the body by simple elements. It is all about an idea, a concept this time around the duo showed us that tranformation can be beautiful.

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