Halloween Costume Couture

Ok ,So Halloween is literally hours away and if your anything like me then you have not even began to entertain the idea of what you will be wearing to that party or while you go Trick-or-Treating with the kiddies. But don't you fear I am hear to give you a few ideas to have the greatest costume for little to no cost.

A few days ago I did a post about the Viktor & Rolf show and it prompted me to go back an view all the archived shows. The one that stuck with me was the Fall 2005 collection that was inspired by the phrase "I Love You" and the place that we think of as a loving place is the bed. Model Lily Cole, for one, appeared on set with her red hair splayed out on a pristine, lace-edged cotton pillow and a neatly folded-over sheet inserted into the neck of her coat. She led a troupe of fellow sleep-deprived models, all in V & R's surprisingly chic renderings of bedclothes: shirts that were part sheets, with all the eyelet trims and frills intact; comforting duvet coats with huge wolf-trimmed collars; suits fashioned from quilts; and charmeuse boudoir sheets wrapped into evening dresses. So as for a last minute costume idea why not bring your bed to the party.

Jeremy Scott's Fall 2008 collection called "Opulence" took all the staples of better living and interperated them into arguably wearable looks. I sure most people will look at these an only see costumes but the original purpose of these looks is red carpet glamour. I think the gown that resembles a velvet curtain is most easy to replicate.

Finally if you are really at a loss as to what to be Yesterday's episode of "Its on with Alexa Chung" presented a myriad of ideas my favorite being the Bubble Gum on the bottom of a shoe. This all pink look could be done using items you already own or purchased in a quick trip to American Apperal. Take a head band an hot glue an old shoe to it an plop it on you head to complete the look.

Rachel Antonoff's Costume Creations: "Designer Rachel Antonoff presents her easy-to-make (but awesome!) Halloween costume creations."

Hope this helps Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

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