Pop-Up Shops-Prada

Apollinaire was an Italian art critic and writer who developed his career in France. He was one of the most active members of the artistic district of Montparnasse, collaborating with people like Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau.His career featured writings on Cubist painting and works like Orfeo (1911) and Alcoois (1913).Only a brand like Prada could create a temporary store in Paris as a tribute to Apollinaire. The store is located in Place Beauvau, and it'll be open for the next five months. The whole store is inspired by the famous writer.The space was designed by Robert Baciocchi, and the spectacular facade is a reference to the image of Mirabeau bridge, the inspiration for one of Apollinaire's most famous poems.The silhouette of the bridge frames the store, while mannequins depict a scene from Paris in the early 20th century.Lilac and gold tones pervade the store, and the marble is from the first Prada store, established in 1913. This unique store is really worth a visit if you happen to be in Paris in the next five months.

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