On the Bowery (December)

Patricia feilds 302 bowery is the reason you need to come to New York.
Once my friend arrived we were greeted by friendly associates all
dressed as if the were on there way to the most whmisical rave once
past the forest of lame, lace, and sequined bodysuits who do I notice
parusing the racks but the one an only Patricia Feilds herself!!!! I
was at first shocked that she would just be in her own shop all the
time but after shopping and chatting it up with some really fun
assciates (specifically a black girl styled similarly to M.I.A. named
Day) we found that she pops in alot always unannounced. After we made
our purchases I went to go find "Pat" as the associates called her to
have her sign my shirt and have my photo taken with her but when we
made our way to the entrance level she had left. We thank the
associates for a good time and made our way out but returned to ask
about places to have dinner they suggested we go to ACME which was

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