Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

On the heels of the Stephen Sprouse Collection that Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton his fall 2009 Collection for his own label acts as yet another look into the world that the now forty-something Jacobs once knew in the 80's. This inspiration is undeniable just have a look at the girls make-up. If you didn't know you might think Duran Duran's Rio step off of the album cover and onto the runway. For me the strong shoulders the vibrant colors felt so fresh and totally hip. Jacobs has a knack for giving the people what they want no matter the price. It is obvious that Jacobs was not taking the recession into account, but cheers to him for making us dream and yearn for a time that once was. The shapes and overall treatment of the clothes makes this a modern an very desirable look. In the coming months you will definitely be getting more bang for you buck!!

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