Arrêt Regardez et Ecoutez! Bosco Pacer EP

BOSCO -PACER- from supadope on Vimeo.

It's been two years since BOSCO has released any new material since her last ep "Spectrum" and now she presents "Pacer". Pacer is a six-track conceptual album in collaboration with producer and chillwave Washed Out band member Dogbite. The album tells the journey from Atlanta to California in a 1978 Teal Pacer thats translated through soundcapes, ambient, textured vocals and melodic instrumentation. During this voyage the two will experience their fate through life, love, lust, and desire. Though Dog Bite produced majority of the EP, Ira G produced two tracks. Pacer includes Bosco flipbook with videos, exclusive baby video, and music.

track list-
king of the land
needled heart
beauty & the stone

DOWNLOAD PACER  http://www.boscopacer.com/

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