Regardez: PUMA

So a few months ago in addition to the other side projects that I have going on,I started working as a personal shopper at the Puma Store in Charleston. I love the fact that so many people worldwide know the brand. If you don't know about Puma then I would say that you are in the dark and really missing out. But since I began working I have learned so much about the company as a whole. They have done tons of fantastic collaborations with designers like Jil Sander, Hussein Chalayan, Sadia Rafique,Mihara Yasuhiro, and the late Alexander Mcqueen just to name a few.
 To be honest working with them is kind of like a dream because they give me plenty of free swag. Since I can't give everyone my clothes I can extend this special offer to you no matter where you are you can use this discount code and get 40% everything you buy. I urge you to take advantage of this because some of the pieces from the Black Label Collections can set you back a few coins but with this you can save and spend. I don't think it gets much better than that and with the holidays creeping up we all could us it. So Happy Spending and your welcome in advanced.
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Tom said...

Nice shoes....I loke sport style! Nice post from Lanvin. A was on Lanvin party...so if you want, you can visit my blog and look at my older posts. ;-)