Regardez et Ecoutez: Window Seat/New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

Ones True Self…

It is amazing how some people are so bound by the world that we live in. That seems like a broad statement but if you give it some thought it’s not. To be uninhibited in the sense that you don’t give a shit what people think or whisper when you pass is hard to achieve. So in the video as she removes her layers she is one-step closer to her free self. Sometimes you even have to die in order to be freed of the things that weigh you down.

From the record store and onto my  iPod Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh has been in playing on repeat none stop. I can’t get enough the melodic melodies and sounds reminiscent of her debut album (Baduizm) but rendered in the eyes of a love struck, lovesick and love hung-over being. The first installment of New Amerykah was an ecocentric concept album riddled with paranoid political undertones set to the tune of ominous beats perhaps even sinister. Politics aside what could be more sinister, Oh Yeah,LOVE! This time around love is proving to be even more foreboding in tracks like Love-“Maybe baby I’m about to go insane… just tell me you love me, come on feel me, I like it.” Badu’s viewpoint is so fresh, honest, and pure and this display of vulnerability I found endearing. I feel like she could have titled the album Songs about being in and out of Love for those in and out of Love. Badu presents clever insight in “You Loving Me” she simplifies what bad relationships can be reduced to in four actions. This album is Neo-soul at its best. The amalgam of psychedelic beats and smooth vocals lull you away. I feel as though it is just unfair to compare Part two to its predecessor but you can’t have one without the other right?

Top Picks:
Agitation- sounds like Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Umm Hmm- “Take some time to let your feelings show…You can’t hide.”
Fall in Love- “See you don’t wanna fall in love with me… its gonna be some slow singing and flower bringing.”

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