Regardez: Balmain Garçon Fall 2010

With the success of Balmain over the recent seasons, it only makes sense that Christophe Decarnin would get the itch to consolidate the Balmain look into a Men's collection. The  Fall 2010 collection features the most exquisite raw materials, aviator jackets, sweaters, blazers and coats inspired by combat, navy, college and rock styles. Decarnin took inspiration from a myriad of subjects making the collection a true amalgamation of a man's man. When I first heard this news I figured it would look alot like Decarnin himself, or at least the way he looks when he does his bow at the end of the shows. Tattered shirts and military jackets and such but, this is a more refined and refined version of that look. This idea of extremely an tailored jacket with what basically amounts to sweatpants is no matter how articulated, I find fresh and modern. I just wish I had a place to wear those red white and blue leather motorcycle pants with the knee pads. It would literally be impossible to not feel like the biggest bad-ass wearing those or anything else in the collection. It is nice to see that the Balmain boy absorbed minor a dose of elegance and a luxury style, but the Balmain girl likes a bad boy let's be honest.



great collection

Laura Elaine said...

I saw this on Common's blog too - LOVE! The wool blazers are exquisite.