Regardez: Minimalism, Sartorially Speaking

So this past weekend I was in Savannah visiting some of my old school friends.I brought my laptop along with me but spent my time out and about so no blogging was done. I did have a chance to pick up a few magazines, this editorial was in Complex the side that featured Michelle Trachtenberg. Brooklyn electronic rap sensation Theophilus London worked the looks for all they were worth. I was struck by the richness of the colors, I haven't seen colour this viberent since Jil Sander's Spring 2007 collection. That collection was sharp, precise, and pinging with hard, bright color. An acid-yellow shirt with a short, navy duchesse satin skirt. A skinny-legged black pantsuit with a cropped, high-fastened, one-button jacket, showing a flash of emerald shirt at the neck. An inky-blue (better known as Yves Kline Blue) elliptical dress with a drape in the back. Walking minimalism, for me it does not get any better!! So this editorial is the perfect style direction going into spring.

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