Changing Times

On a recent shopping trip, I stopped by Vuitton Charleston to pick up a refill or two for my notebook and see the Stephen Sprouse Collection. I was alarmed by the amount of people out shopping and once more by the large purchases being made. On this rainy Saturday I figured I would not have much trouble capturing the attention of my regular salesperson. After a quick peruse of the Sprouse collection I moved through the Women shop to the leather-goods. I found that the two salespeople that I have come to know where more than busy. One was showing a husband and wife the largest possible hard-sided suitcase and a few keepall bags. The other was helping a twenty something female decide between two of the same bags GM or PM. Standing for a moment not getting any acknowledgment I moved back to the main salon. Yet another salesperson was helping a woman narrow her selection of five bags to two of which she certainly was going to purchase. These changing times became apparent to me at this moment. What Recession? I muttered to myself. Who would expect to have to queue at Louis Vuitton Charleston, maybe at the Champs Elysees. But on this day I did wait. After a moment I commented to the women trying to decide between the bags "The Ebony Damier looks so chic" the saleswoman excuses herself and asks me If she could help me. To my chagrin she told me that they were out of the refills that I had requested on my way out I was stopped by Jaret (Sales Associate) who also asked what I was looking for he confirmed my disappointment but asked how I was enjoying my last purchase of the Stephen Sprouse Book? His simple yet amazing act of customer service made me remember why I love shopping at Louis Vuitton even in these changing times.

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